Can crypto make the world a better place?


Image Credits: TechCrunch

The crypto world has never shied away from making big promises, but as the industry matures and its audience widens, now’s a good time to take a step back and look at how the space is delivering on its vision.

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For our Tuesday episode this week, where we interview an expert in the crypto space, we chatted with Kevin Owocki. Kevin is the founder of Gitcoin and an outspoken proponent of both open source software and decentralized governance. We spoke with Owocki about whether the crypto community is living up to its lofty ideals and what comes next for Ethereum after The Merge.

 In our episode, we also discussed:

  • How venture capitalists should be incentivizing the creation of more publicly beneficial blockchain infrastructure, and what still needs to be built.
  • Whether technology is enough to solve some of the societal problems blockchain developers and advocates are frequently passionate about.

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