How to create a strong online presence with WordPress


In this article, we’ll cover all there is to it to building a strong online presence with the help of WordPress. Why? Well, in today’s digital age, having one is crucial for businesses of all sizes.

In this article, we’ll cover all there is to it to building a strong online presence with the help of WordPress. Why? Well, in today’s digital age, having one is crucial for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a startup, small business, freelancer, or enterprise, a well-designed website (preferably in WordPress) that effectively represents your brands and talks to your ideal clients is essential for success. For this reason, we came up with these points and recommendations for creating a strong online presence with WordPress. Apply them and watch your business grow. Don’t mind if you share the news about that in the comment section, too 😊

What makes a strong online presence?

Simply put, your website and all of its information come up high in search results whenever your prospect or ideal client searches for something from your niche or industry. Moreover, it has reputable visibility across all online mediums: from search engines to social media. And how do you achieve this? By having a professional and easy-to-use website with specific and relevant information and content that is highly helpful and valuable to your community and target audience. Only by following these guidelines you can expect to grow an online presence that is strong and memorable.

3 ways WordPress helps in creating a strong online presence

If we were to point main reasons to use WordPress to both build and increase your online presence, these would be it:

·   Ease of use

·   SEO-friendly design

·   Customization options

As it’s built for non-tech people, WordPress is easy to use just as much as Word documents. If you’re suspicious, head to this 5-minute installation tutorial and follow each step. It can’t get easier than that! As for improved ease of use, look at our tricks to make your content easier to find.

And, being an open-source platform, it comes with many perks, such as a whole world of knowledgeable people who can help along the way. With its intuitive interface and countless themes and plugins, it’s no wonder WordPress is on 43.1% of all websites worldwide.  

WordPress comes with optimized coding and a focus on search engine optimization, which makes its users easier to rank higher in search results. As it focuses on user experience, that means your site is easy to use and more appealing to visitors, which in turn has a lower bounce rate which Google loves.

As for the customization options, between 10,465 themes and 60,281 plugins that come completely free, it’s easy to conclude just how tailored your site can get. You’ll have all the tools and ways to create or update a website that perfectly reflects your brand while standing out from the competition.

Just make sure you’ve checked all these vulnerability items off the list to ensure everything runs smoothly, and you’re good to go!

WordPress for business success

From a one-pager to a business site to full-built e-commerce, WordPress has the ability to help businesses grow. We’ve seen it repeatedly happen during these uncertain pandemic times. People realized just how important it is to have a strong online presence and be able to serve its clients and customers 24/7 from afar. WordPress helps in connecting with your target audience and building a loyal following. It will build on your business authority, credibility, and trust by carefully creating content that answers their questions and meets their needs when they ask for them. Not to mention ROI.

It can quickly drive sales, as well. Whether you’re selling a physical product or a service (like our friend Engenius here), WordPress makes it easy to set up a store and start selling.

Furthermore, WordPress increases brand awareness by making it easier for people to interact and share website content to other places. Doing this will, in return, create a meaningful connection and the strong online presence you strive for. You see, it’s all about being helpful and serving people you care about.

Helpful tips

Now, how to make sure you’re building a strong online presence with WordPress? By following these steps, we’ll cover them in detail.

1. A professional website

A well-designed, fast, and responsive website built on WordPress is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and reflective of your brand. It helps you establish your business as credible and trustworthy and provides you with a reliable platform where you talk about your products or services. And with all those themes and plugins mentioned earlier, there’s no end to what you can do with it when it comes to differentiation and standing out!

2. Quality content

Content relevant to your target audience while establishing your brand and business as a thought leader in your industry. Having the right information on each web page, helpful blog posts, videos, infographics, and other forms of content that speak to your audience is something that search engines love and helps your online presence.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making sure the content on your site is well-written and optimized for people who use search engines that answer their queries and meet their needs is the ultimate game changer. This includes keyword research and implementation, content structuring, and making sure all of your On-Site SEO tips are followed through. Again, you can check all that with the use of various WordPress SEO plugins, such as:

·   All in One SEO

·   Rank Math SEO

·   Yoast SEO

and many more. We’ve even reviewed these 3 SEO plugins to make it easier for you to decide which one to use, so have at it!

4. Active social media presence

This helps establish your business across all online channels and assists in building online visibility, likeness, and trust. Connections you make with the social media community can increase interest in your offers and more sales. Not to mention, social media is a great promotional tool that you get to use to reach just the right audience you want as your ideal clients.

5. Consistent brand messaging

Consistent messaging across all your online channels helps to establish your brand and create a strong online presence. This includes having a consistent, recognizable look and feel for your site, social media profiles, and any other online assets you might have. It makes you more authentic, dependable, and trustworthy among your target audience. If, for example, your business is known for being friendly and approachable, you should use an easygoing, conversational tone on social media and your website. On top of that, you’d also make sure to include warm and inviting visuals to support that vibe.

What is the role of ManageWP in building a strong online presence for your business?

Couldn’t finish this guide without saying a word or two about how we come in handy now, could we 😊 Once you have your website (or websites!) ready to go and live its life, it’s important to maintain it to ensure it’s functional and secure. ManageWP removes the need to check what needs updating or installing on your site. On top of that, we check for vulnerability issues, run performance and security checks, manage comments, and so much more! This could quickly pile up to several hours per week, which you’ll have at your disposal knowing your site is safe and secure with us. Isn’t it great having extra hours further to improve your strategy for a strong online presence? Head over to our Features page and explore how we can tailor the offer for you!

Wrapping up

In conclusion, having a strong online presence in today’s world is not only essential but required for the success of any brand or business. Using WordPress as your website platform, you’ll create a professional, user-friendly, inviting, optimized, and well-prepared place to help you maintain a consistent presence and authority.

In the very end, here are some last-minute tips to help you navigate through having a successful online presence with WordPress:

1. Choose a professional WordPress theme that’s reflective of your branding.

2. Use plugins that help you optimize your content and streamline your website maintenance to keep your site running smoothly.

3. Create high-quality content that speaks to your audience and fulfills their needs.

4. Use social media platforms to widen your reach and attract more people.

5. Be continuously present and provide value first, then sell.

Following these guides will improve your online presence and build a memorable, trustworthy brand image. Let us know in the comment section how it goes.